Interiors design services

Interior Design services

Interior design services has been a vital picece of realestate development in Nigeria as home owners are increasely embracing the effect of design in living and business enviroment. Thankfully we have professional interior design Company here in Nigeria that strive meet the growing demands for interior designs prospects.One of such company offering exquisite interior design services and meeting client needs in corporate spaces, restaurants, courthouses, fitness centers, or libraries is Simply Lush Interior Design Ltd.

We are a team of qualified architects, project managers and engineers. This allows us to offer turnkey projects for their clients.

Stylish Interior Design Services that has your vision in mind.

We under take the basic elements of interior design services which are color, light, texture and pattern while carefully applying more calculating principles: balance, proportion, scale, rhythm and contrast to create a harmonious functional space. We focus on the physical effect of being in a room, incorporating affordable materials which exude quality through the way they look as well as the way they feel.

We pride ourselves in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces for our discerning clients. This we accomplish by meticulous attention to our clients’ briefs while approaching each project with enthusiasm and creativity. We are distinguished by our values for exceptional products, service delivery and of course, our ethics.

our services provides interior design services, consultancy, spatial planning, design & project management services for corporate, retail, hospitality and residential projects. In just few years since our founding, they have built a solid reputation in designing and delivering work spaces and homes that ‘Speak’ style, provide comfort without compromising on functionality.  Whether it’s inspirational creativity, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, or the detailed  professionalism required to see a great project through to successful completion, as we commonly say, Simply Lush Interior Design Ltd  is at your service.